Lucky you! You have 3 days in Tilburg. I’m going to make sure that you get the most out of your three days in this city. Tilburg is filled with art, culture, and unique experience that you need to try. So, how are you going to spend your 3 days in Tilburg? 

Day One

For your first day, enjoy a beautiful neighborhood in the city and have some authentic Trappist beer to end your day. 

Grab Breakfast & Coffee

Make your first stop in Tilburg at one of its best cafes—Buutvrij. Sure, there are many cafes in the city you can choose from, but one of the best is this creative coffee shop. Even though they don’t have an extensive menu, I can say that they have a great cup of coffee; and isn’t that what’s important to start the day? 

Besides that, you will get inspired by the interior here and you can even discover local talent because you can find art displays by young designers. The Dutch is popular for their art, so consider your breakfast at this cafe a wonderful experience. 

Other cafes to try for breakfast are Cinecitta and Locals. 

Explore Piushaven

After your breakfast and on your first day, spend half of the day exploring the neighborhood of Piushaven. Trust me, this is a cool neighboorhood right in the city center, and you can explore it by foot. But of course, you can always rent a bike to get around the city if you want to. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if you get tempted to dine again even before lunchtime because there are a lot of restaurants here that could make you go hungry. You can even eat by the water because the neighborhood sits right next to the water.

You might even catch an event for art and culture here. It would be a great idea to know what’s happening in Piushaven before your trip. Who knows? There might be an event you might be interested in. 

Visit the Koningshoeve Abbey

You might think it’s too early for your 3-day trip in Tilburg for some beer, but you might want to do it as early as your first day. The Koningshoeve Abbey is an old building where beer is made. 

It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to try Trappist beer. The abbey was built by Trappist monks who came from France. It sits on the former country residence of King William II, which is indeed historic. 

Another great thing about this is getting to the abbey will have you travelling in the countryside, which is perfect for spending the second half of your day in Tilburg. 

And if you’re up for it, you can combine drinking with cycling via the La Trappe Cycling route. It’s something you should definitely try. 

Day 2

Now, I’m pretty sure you had an amazing first day in Tilburg, so it’s time to see the famous spots here. 

Check out the Spoorzone

Spoorzone is the city’s hipster place, which is next behind Centraal. The area is filled with restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques. So, I expect you to spend your entire second day here. There are so many things to do here and so many people and art to see. 

Here, there are many places to check out, such as the LocHal, the Spoorpark, the Ontdeskstation 013, Doloris, and many more. 

Okay, so you won’t get confused—the LocHal is surely a place you need to visit; it’s a repurposed old library, which is why it was voted in 2019 as World Building of the Year. It is also named the second-best library in the world by the IFLA Best Public Library of the World Awards, so make sure you don’t miss this. 

On the other hand, the Ontdesktation 013, a former factory where trains are repaired has been revamped. Today, it’s not a place where you can learn about science and technology. You can participate in workshops here, too. 

The Doloris will give you a thrilling experience. It’s a 2,200-square meter area filled with art and 40 experience rooms. It is designed like a maze so you can find your way through. 

Day 3

For your last day in Tilburg, get a taste of culture and visit the museums. End your day with some shopping to take home with you. 

Visit the Museums

Now, before you head home, make sure you visit the museums in Tilburg. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the Textile Museum, which is inside a restored factory. Another place to visit is Museum De Pont where you can find contemporary art. 

Go Shopping 

Get some funky items to take home with you and head on to 013 Straatjes! Here you will find unique shops that sell a variety of items, from clothes to household items. Surely, you will be able to bring something funky and cool home with you. 

Spend Some Downtime in Nature

There are several parks in Tilburg you can explore, but one of the best is Oude Warande. You will notice the star-shaped paths here that make the park stand out. Here, you can have a lazy stroll or a picnic before you end your 3 days in Tilburg. 

Ready to explore Tilburg? Read more about things you can do and see in the Netherlands here at Ask the Dutch Guy!


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