Are you looking for the best Giethoorn holiday homes? Staying in a holiday home, whether you’re coming with a group of people, or only a few, has a lot of benefits. 

Holiday homes in the village will help you make the most out of your vacation. Why? It’s not just a place where you can crash after your tours around the village and nearby villages. Instead, holiday homes add to the overall experience and it will also make you feel like a local in the village. 

In addition to that, you get to have more privacy and space when you stay at a holiday home. You get to have more flexibility and be in an environment where you can truly feel that you’re on vacation. With a holiday home, you get to have your own space to relax and you can also cook your own meals. This is an excellent idea, especially if you’re trying to save money on food. 

Here are some of the best holiday homes in Giethoorn you can choose from: 

Chalet Park Kroondomein Giethoorn – $370+

What better way to stay in the village but in a holiday home that overlooks the river right? That’s exactly what you’ll get here at Chalet Park Kroondomein. Each chalet here has a beautiful view of the river with a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. Aside from that, you can enjoy the water sport facilities on site. 

Chalet park Kroondomein Giethoorn – Photo from

The holiday home in Giethoorn is only 20 minutes away from the Weerribben-Wieden. 

Chalet 15 – $370

If you’re coming to Giethoorn with a big group, then Chalet 15 may just be the right home for you. It features two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a bathroom. The holiday home also has a terrace where you can bond with your family and friends while you enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. If you want to do some activities, there’s a place nearby that you can hike or you can just relax and unwind in the garden. 

Wonderful Holiday Home – $430+

Wonderful Holiday Home features a terrace and a beautiful outdoor space where you and your family can enjoy your vacation. You get to rent the entire house while you’re here, and if you want to go around the village, there is a bike rental here already available for you. 

Wonderful Holiday Home in Giethoorn with Terrace – photo from

Holiday Cottage – $340+

Enjoy garden views at the Holiday Cottage. The home features a shared lounge and a garden and features two bedrooms. It has a fully-equipped kitchen and a sun terrace as well. 

Wonderful Mansion – $480

Live near a museum in Giethoorn here at Wonderful Museum. It has a beautiful terrace and you can even go horse riding within the area. They also offer water sports activities to help you make the most out of your vacation. 

Wonderful Mansion in Giethoorn near Museum – Photo from

What could be a better way of exploring the beautiful village of Giethoorn by staying in one of their holiday homes? Experience living in the village like a local and renting a holiday home now!



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