Aside from the summer months, it is also worth a visit to Giethoorn in winter. You can take pleasure in its beauty during the winter when the village is transformed into a wonderland covered in blankets of snow as it floats on water. The bridges are covered in snow that makes them beautiful in photos. Below are some of the exciting things that you can in Giethoorn in winter.

  1. Walk Through The Village

There are several walking routes you can take to explore the village. Despite the cold, you will have a lovely time walking around the village. Just make sure you are layered up! 

2. Skate On The Lakes And Canals

Consider yourself lucky if you get to experience skating on the lakes and canals of the village. It’s a unique experience! After skating, grab a hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine. If you can, have a go at it again and skate your day away.

3. Sail On The Canals

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to sail on the lakes during the winter in Giethoorn because the temperature can quickly drop. However, you can still sail on the canals through a one-hour heated canal cruise where you will be protected from the cold and comfortable. You will be provided with a blanket during the tour. 

4. Enjoy Some High Tea

Taste the delicious scones, sandwiches, and a wide selection of Dutch pastries in the village while you pair it with good tea. Pamper yourself and have high tea with your loved ones while you look out at the magnificent view of the town that looks straight out of a postcard. 

5. Hop On A Bike

Bikes in Giethoorn

As long as it’s not too cold, you can go around the village by bike. Giethoon has a lot of cycling routes, long and short, that are perfect for individuals who enjoy this activity. Moreover, with so many nature reserves, such as the Weerribbe-Wieden National Park where you can bask in the richness of nature while you go around the village. You can also check out the forests within cycling distance. If you need to rent a bike you can do that here.

6. Go To A Museum

There are several museums in the village that you can visit to get a taste of the culture of Giethoorn. They are accessible either by foot or bike. 

7. Solve A Case At An Escape Room

If you are looking for an activity to do with friends and family, head on over to an escape room. Solve cases with your friends or family and have a fantastic time while it’s cold outside. 

Ready to enjoy your winter in Giethoorn? With these activities, your holiday will be filled with so much fun and adventure. 

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