Now that you’re here in Steenwijk, why don’t you participate in some activities aside from exploring the city? There are quite a number of activities you can enjoy—head on the theater to catch the latest shows and see Dutch talent on stage, or if you want to break a sweat, you can go play some badminton. 

Here are some of the best activities you can do in Steenwijk: 

1. Escape Game: Hacked

Hackers have taken over Gieethoorn and there have been secret hacker locations found in several areas in the village. You and your friends are needed to uncover the spots of these hackers before things get way worse. 

Hacked is a great game for friends, family or workmates who are looking for something fun to do in the village. Solve the hacker problem within 90 minutes. You can find this activity at the Eetcafe, and it allows three to eight persons per game. 

2. BC Alert

Are you a fan of badminton? Break some sweat at the Badminton Club Alert in Steenwijk. Call ahead to reserve a slot. This is a great time to kill time while you’re in town. 

3. Bowling Centrum

Enjoy some bowling while you’re in town here at the Bowling Centrum. It has a spacious location with ten bowling lanes. After that, you can enjoy a delicious buffet or barbecue. There are also available snacks and drinks here if you’re not up for a big meal. 

4. Pandora’s Box

Head on to this lounge bar and enjoy live music and a lot of entertainment. There is a wide range of liquor and snacks you can choose from. Aside from that, the bar often holds themes and shows, as well as workshops and recreational activities that can keep you busy throughout your stay. 

5. De Meenthe 

Rabo Theater De Meenthe is the theater in town that holds a wide range of performances. If you’re in town, we suggest you check out what shows are running and immerse yourself in Dutch talent. You can also enjoy a drink and eat at the theater restaurant. 

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