Even if you’re just spending a weekend in Eindhoven, you better make the most of your visit! Eindhoven is a vibrant and creative city and is the design capital of the Netherlands!

The city is home to Philips and the Dutch Design Week, so it’s definitely worth your time. Visiting Eindhoven for two days is enough, if you’ll follow this simple itinerary?


Day 1

Let’s keep it simple and stick to the must-see places in Eindhoven on your first day, such as…

Visit the Philips Museum

Your trip to Eindhoven wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Philips Museum. Yes, Philips, the name stamped on your light bulbs and other electrical stuff hails from the city. Philips has made such a huge impact on the world, so use this opportunity to get to know how it all started. 

The Philips museum holds several permanent exhibitions and if you have kids with you, you can go to a Kids Factory where little ones can learn more about technology and programming basics. 


Discover Philips’s untold stories by visiting its renowned museum

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Say a Prayer at the Saint Catherine’s Church

Regardless of your religious views, it’s nice to visit churches in new cities you visit, especially when you’re in this part of Europe. The Netherlands is known for its gothic-style churches that carries with it a sense of grandness and a touch of interesting darkness that makes them a sight to behold. 

Photo by By amoklv - Canva

The church towers right in the middle of the city that offers an oasis of tranquility. Take a step inside and marvel in the beautiful interiors that will take your breath away. If you can, say a little prayer. Who knows? Saint Catherine may just grant the deepest desires of your heart. 

Get into the Art Scene at the Van Abbe Museum

View works by the world’s famous artists here at the Van Abbe Museum. Here you can find works by Picasso, Kandinsky, etc. It also holds one of the most important collections in the Dutch, Flemish, and German regions. 

If you’re a fan of modern and contemporary art, or basically art, you have a lot to see here at the museum. Here you can expect to be stimulated—in all senses!

Enjoy the Gourmet Market

End your first day in Eindhoven by spending it at the city’s own indoor food market that is inspired by the LA downtown gourmet market.

Food stalls that offer various types of cuisines are lined up that will let you order various dishes to satisfy all your cravings. Specifically, there are 21 food stalls here and two bars. So, if you plan to have a nightcap, then you can dine and drink at the same time here. 

Day 2

Time to loosen up and go deeper into Eindhoven’s vibrant and creative scene…

Head to Strijp-S

Strijp-S district was a former Philips factory and industrial park, and was also known as the “forbidden city” because it was only accessible to Philips employees. That is why you can still see the old factory buildings while you’re here. Today, it is now a trendy hub for creatives—a place like no other.

The old factories have been transformed into cool shops and food spots. You can also see luxurious lofts and creative workspaces as well where you can re-zone yourself. 

Shop at the Piazza

Before you leave Eindhoven, why don’t you shop first? The city has a great shopping district, which is the Piazza where you can find some awesome shops. Besides the usual shops, you can also find ones that are unique to the Netherlands. 

If you feel like drinking before you go, or even eating, you don’t have to go too far because the area itself is surrounded with many restaurants and bars and other high streets that have retail stores. 

Are you ready to explore the city of Eindhoven? Your two days are enough! Browse our other topics here at Ask the Dutch Guy!


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