If the Netherlands has The Venice of the North, which is Giethoorn, there is a small town nearby that is called The Little Venice of the country— Blokzijl. 

Blokzijl is a little village located in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. The town is more peaceful compared to Giethoorn. The sleepy community is comprised of thatched-roof farmhouses with immaculate lawns and most are located in between the canals. 


It’s noticeable how picturesque the canals in the village here are because they are more serene, and most of the time, the loudest sound you can hear here is the quaking of the ducks. Indeed, it’s a perfect place to go to if you want a break from the busyness of everyday life, and you just want peace and quiet. 

Many of the houses here are only accessible by boat, which is pretty similar to Giethoorn. Catch the local postman deliver the mail by punt, but the main attraction here is the water. There are plenty of boat and canoe rentals here. While you’re in town, don’t miss seeing the old cannon which you can see on the harbor quay.

The cannon was not used to protect the village, but it served as a warning device during storms and high tides. Additionally, you can find a residential building here that shows how high the water was during the flood in 1825. 

If you plan to spend the night or even a couple of days in the village, you can stay at a hotel, such as at the Stadspaleis Hotel in Vollenhove. Don’t worry; there are plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts that you can stay at while you’re in the village. 

Food won’t be an issue as well because there are several restaurants in Blokzijl that serves a variety of dishes. Aside from that, there are plenty of activities you can do here. It’s also located near the Weerribben-Wieden National Park

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