If you have one day in the village, explore how the Dutch live in an environment that is surrounded by lakes, forests, and reed beds. So, how do you spend your day trip in Giethoorn? 

An idyllic village in Overijssel, Giethoorn is called the Venice of the North, or the Dutch Venice, and it is a sight to behold. In the village, you’ll see thatched farms built on small islands that are all connected by over 170 small wooden bridges. You can say that the area is a typical Dutch village, but watch out—there are fewer roads here! 

Before anything else, I want you to identify the day that you won’t—do you want an active day or something that is more quiet and peaceful? Take into consideration the people you’re going with. If you’re with children, perhaps you want to look into kid-friendly activities in the village. In case you’re going with your partner, it’s best to know the romantic spots in Giethoorn. 

Getting To Giethoorn

Suppose you’re coming from the capital city of Amsterdam, the village is about an hour and a half drive from there. You can park your vehicle around the village centre and walk, bike, or hop on a boat. If you need to want to know how you come to our beautiful village you can read this article.

A-Must Thing To Do: Spend Time On The Water

Spend time on the water and explore how the Dutch lives. This is where you’ll see the beauty of the village that seemingly floats on water. Rent a boat and choose from different routes, or hop on a boat for two hours. There’s also a canal cruise that comes with a tour guide who will let you in the stories about the village. 

Do you have the guts to sail on your own? If you have the experience, by all means, go rent a boat and explore the village at your own pace. 

The whisper boat is a popular choice, which sails on a silent engine. Do you want something a bit more challenging that will make you truly feel you’re on Dutch land? Rent a Gieterse punt, which is a boat of wood or polyester that pushes you and sends you with a punt tree. 

Go For A Swim

Since you’re already in the water, why don’t you jump in? Change into your swimwear and enjoy the cool waters of the village. You can read more over swimming in Giethoorn in this article.

Go Biking

The city centre shouldn’t be missed—and you can only get here either by foot or by bike. Go through the Inner Path, the Langesteeg, and the Zuiderpad while you’re at it. You will also see the beautiful village houses that sit on both sides of the village canal. On this page, you can find several bike rental options.

Eat Your Heart Out

Spending a day trip in Giethoorn means trying out their food. Fortunately, there are enough cafes and restaurants here where you can explore different dishes. And what’s best about most of these places is that they’re situated on the water, which means you get the full experience. 

Compared to other villages and cities in The Netherlands, the cost of the food in the village is affordable, in which you can have a three-course meal for only twenty euros. Read here more about the restaurants in Giethoorn.

Soak In The Culture

If you want to bask in the village’s culture, you can check out some of the small museums in the area, such as the ’t Olde Maas Uus Museum where you can learn more about the history of the village. We have created a list for you of all the museums in Giethoorn.

Some tips when you’re in the village: 

  • There are available guided tours here, such as the luxury day tour, which is an all-inclusive tour. This is perfect if you don’t want to worry about the activities, the places to go to, etc., 
  • If you enjoy walking, go on the Giethoorn walking route, which will take you through the water-rich village. There are two walking routes you can take—one is 4.3 km, the other is 15.3 km. 
  • The busiest hours in the village are between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Therefore, if you want to have a more peaceful day here, it’s best to go before or after these times. 
  • Not all cafes and restaurants are accessible by boat. So, you might want to consider bringing some food and drinks to munch on while you’re on the boat. 
  • Respect the properties of the residents of the village! 

So, are you ready for your day trip to Giethoorn? 

Do you have any questions for us? Leave them in the comment section below!


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