If you’re spending your holidays in Giethoorn, don’t forget to rent a holiday home in the village. There is quite a selection of holiday homes in the village that are perfect for small to large groups. These homes are situated by the canals, which means you will have beautiful views of the lakes during your stay. 

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Check out these holiday homes in Giethoorn: 


Vosjacht 6, 8355

Live in a holiday home in the village that has a garden. This home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen. Here, you can enjoy the lake views by stepping out to the terrace. If you have pets, the home is pet-friendly as well. Also, if you want to eat out, there is a restaurant near the house. There are also bikes you can use to go around the village.

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Gieters Mooist

5 Binnenpad, 8355 BP

Enjoy the beautiful garden views in this holiday home, which has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It features a terrace where you can bask in the beauty of the surroundings and lakes. You can also rent bikes here that you can use to go around the village. 

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De Sloothak

Binnenpad 141a, 8355 BW

Located in the historic center of the village, the holiday home provides a lot of space. It has a terrace with barbecue, along with a fully-equipped kitchen.

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Giethoorn Lodge

56 Beulakerweg, 8355 AJ

The holiday home has three bedrooms with two bathrooms with a shower. You won’t have a hard time preparing your meals here because of the fully-equipped kitchen. There is also a washing machine you can use to wash your clothes in.

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Gieters Geluk

Zuiderpad 46, 8355 CB

If you’re coming to the village with a large group, then this holiday home is just perfect for you. It has three bedrooms and it comes with a beautiful terrace. The house has two bathrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

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Farmhouse Lodge

Molenweg 29, 8355 AS

This holiday home comes with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen. It also boasts of a terrace where you can sit outdoors while you take in the views of the lake. The home also has a garden with a barbecue. 

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Chalet 15

Kerkweg 35-15, 8355 BJ

The two-bedroom home offers beautiful lake views you can enjoy from the terrace. While you’re here, you can feed the ducks that go by through the lake.

Huisje Beukers

169 Beulakerweg, 8355 AG

Enjoy the village by staying here at this two-bedroom holiday home with a bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen. It features a garden with a barbecue as well. The house is near the bus station as well as other establishments, such as the supermarket.

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Zuiderpad 60, 8355 CC

This holiday home comes with three bedrooms and one bathroom with a shower. You can ride a boat right outside the home if you want to explore the village.

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Casa Sophie

Vosjacht 6a, 8355 CM

Enjoy the city views here at this holiday home. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. It’s a small apartment that is perfect for a small group or a couple. You can also use their bikes for free.

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