Going for a trip in Eindhoven soon? You need to know some things before you arrive in the city. That’s why we have compiled some Eindhoven FAQs that will help you navigate the city easily. 

eindhoven faqs

When is the best time to visit Eindhoven? 

Eindhoven is best visited in the late spring or early autumn. The weather can get really hot in the summer, but it will only last for a few days. Watch out for heavy rainfall during the summer months. 

The coldest month in the city is in January, while the warmest month is in July; it is still the wettest month. 

How far is Eindhoven from Amsterdam? 

Eindhoven is 111 km away from the city of Amsterdam. If you take the train, it will take you 1 hour and 19 minutes to get here. 

How to get to Eindhoven?

The Eindhoven Airport has all the features of a modern airport. Many flights are arriving from various European destinations. 

You can also fly into Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport and there is a train here that will take you to the city. 

If you are travelling to Eindhoven via train, there are connections from all over the country. Train connections are: 

  • Maarstrichtthe
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Delft
  • Den Zaag
  • Zaandam
  • Alkmaar

How to get around Eindhoven?

Eindhoven has an excellent bus service, which means you won’t have a problem getting to your destination. Like other cities in the Netherlands, you need to get an OV-chipkaart to travel on buses. 

Another great way to get around the city is via bike. You can rent a bike here, and you’ll be exploring the city by yourself. Taxis are available here as well, such as car rentals. 

What to eat in Eindhoven?

The city is one of the best places in the Netherlands to drink freshly-brewed coffees, Stroopwafels, and chocolates. You will find a snack bar in each street in the city that offers french fries and sausages. 

What to do in Eindhoven?

There are so many places to see in the city. You can visit the famous Philips Museum and the Van Abbemuseum. There are also fun activities here you can enjoy as well as restaurants to explore and shops where you can do your shopping in. 

How safe is Eindhoven? 

Eindhoven is a fairly safe city, but be mindful of pickpockets. So, make sure you keep an eye on your things and be careful with strangers who ask for your help on the street. 

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