Situated on the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park is the small village of Ossenzijl, which gets quite busy during the summer, often tranquil the rest of the seasons. It’s hard to miss the village because all waterway traffic passes through the Onssenzijler bridge from the Frisian lakes. 

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A popular place in the village is the De Kluft, a recreational facility that has a beautiful campsite, a hotel, and restaurant, a yacht marina, plus you can enjoy plenty of activities here—from as simple as enjoying nature, to being on the water, you won’t run out of things to do here. 

There are several accommodations in the village. If you’re looking for a luxurious stay, you can check out the holiday home at the holiday resort Waterstaete Ossenzijl. There is also the hotel Geertien, which is located by the water between the Weerribben and the Wieden. 

You won’t go hungry in the village with a few restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy good food and drinks. Visit the Eetcafe Restaurant Kolkzicht and make sure you do try their apple pie. 

You can also try out the Eetcafe De Drie Musketiers, where you can also have a drink or two to relax. 

Enjoy Weerribben-Wieden 

Have an amazing time in nature by visiting the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Here you will find beautiful lakes, hills, forests, and beautiful villages and towns. The park is only near Kalenberg, and that means you can explore the area easily. 

De Gele Lis

Next to the visitor center, you can go to De Gele Lis, a beautiful recreation park, where you can find a lot of activities. Ride a bike, hop on a kayak or if you’re coming with a large group, you can hire a silent electric Fluisterboot. You can also dine and shop here!

See the Rottige Meente

Near Ossenzijl, you can visit the Rottige Meenter and the Brandeemer, which used to be a hidden gem. Now, there are a lot of people who can enjoy it. Immerse yourself in the varied habitats, such as flowery grasslands, quacking bogs, and sphagnum reed land where you can see fire butterflies, otters, and marsh harriers. 

See The Butterflies

5 mi. from Ossenzijk, see beautiful butterflies at De Orchideeen Hoeve in Luttelgeest. You can also see gorgeous flamingos here, and you can have lunch in the flower garden. It’s a great place to take your loved ones, especially if you have kids. 

The charm of this small village is truly captivating! 

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