The beautiful village of Giethoorn is surrounded by a lot of water. Of course, one of the best ways to explore the village is to sail. There are different types of boats you can rent, but one of the most popular ones is the whisper boat. 

renting a whisper boat in giethoorn

A whisper boat is a boat that is quiet and sails at a safe pace. On the boat, you can take in the beautiful surroundings—from the lovely thatched farms and cottages to the greenery that surround them. You can explore the village through different sailing routes while you’re on a whisper boat. 

What Exactly Is A Whisper Boat?

A whisper boat is a silent boat, which means you don’t have to worry about the noise of petrol engine. It features a flat bottom that is reasonable. It is controlled via the engine level or by a steering wheel. 

You don’t have to worry about the boat tipping, especially if you have kids with you. With that, this makes the boat suitable for families ad children. It can even fit a bassinet or a buggy. You can bring cushions to make the journey more comfortable. 

A whisper boat has two charged batteries that allows it to run for about six to eight hours per day. Of course, this still depends on the weight and cruising speed. 

Boat Or Punter Boat

There are two types of whisper boats you can rent in the village: 

  • Punt
  • Sloop

A punter is a smaller boat, with the engine behind the boat. It is a traditional boat in the village. On the other hand, a sloop is a bigger one and is higher on the water. You control the sloop with a handlebar. The sloop is a great choice if you’re coming in a large group. 

With a whisper boat, as mentioned, you get to enjoy your boat ride without the noise of the petrol engine. That way, you get to explore the village quietly. 

You can rent your whisper boat here. 


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