The Hague may be known for its beautiful museums, the Parliament, and many more, yet it is also home to the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands, the Scheveningen. 

If you’re planning on a beach trip and you want to get some vitamin D, hear the waves, and sink your feet in the sand, you have come to the right place. Ask The Dutch Guy loves the beach, and I know just the place and the things you can do to have a fun beach stay in The Hague. 


Getting To The Hague Beach

Getting to the beach from The Hague is easy. Get yourself an OV Chip Card and ride the tram no. 1, 9, or 11. You can also get there via bike and you’ll be in Scheveningen in less than 20 minutes. 

Rent a Bike 

Do not think that your only options for getting around the Hague are foots and public transport. You can rent a bike  and enjoy this great place by yourself.


Where To Stay In Scheveningen

If you visited The Hague for the beach, then it’s only a good idea to stay in and around the beach area to make the most out of your trip. There are hotels in Scheveningen you can rent. 

Check out the Scheveningen Designer Loft that is near the beach and the ram stop. It’s a perfect place to stay if you have plans to explore The Hague as well. 

Scheveningen Hotels and Places to Stay

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If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, you can stay at a beach house in Scheveningen, such as the Largo Beach Houses at Kijkduin beach. The beach house comes fully equipped with a living area, kitchen, and bathroom. Here you will have beautiful views of the sea. 

On a tight budget? You can stay at hostels in Scheveningen instead. The Jorplace Beach Hostel is only a few minutes away from the beach and near the shops. 

Things To Do In Scheveningen

It’s pretty obvious what you can do here, aside from lounging on the beach, if you love water sports, then you’re at the right place. Get up on a paddleboard and explore the seas. 

Are you looking for something more adventurous? Surf the waves; and if you don’t know how, there are surf lessons here. Head to the pier and try the 60-meter bungee jump or perhaps, ride the 40-meter-high Ferris wheel? The Ferris wheel on the pier is pretty iconic, so even if you don’t want to ride, make sure to take a photo with it behind you. Why? The Ferris wheel is Europe’s first Ferris wheel over the sea!

If you’re not afraid of heights, you will definitely enjoy the panoramic views from the enclosed gondola. 

You can go horseback riding on the beach, but only during October through May. During the summer months, horseback riding is only allowed at a specific time due to the number of people on the beach.

If you have kids, take them to the Sealife where they can walk along with huge tanks with various sea creatures. The Madurodam is a great area to explore as well! It has everything to be seen in The Netherlands, but miniature versions. 

Take in the beauty of the beach by visiting the Museum Panorama Mesdag where you can see a 360-degree painting by Hendrik Willen Mesdag of Scheveningen back in the late 1800s. 

Panorama Mesdag

Discover the top ways to experience Panorama Mesdag


Take Off Your Clothes

Looking for a nudist beach? Wait, don’t just take off your clothes when you reach the beach in Scheveningen because there are designated spots for that. 

You are free to sunbathe completely naked at Zwarte Pad, Noordestrand Scheveningen, Westduinpark, and Zuiderstrand Scheveningen, Laan van Poot access point. 

Explore The Other Beaches

There are other beaches in Scheveningen, such as the Kijkduin, a less crowded spot just on the edge of a wide stretch of dunes. You can walk from Scheveningen here. Beach clubs, restaurants and pavilions are along the beach strip. Aside from enjoying the beach, you can walk or cycle on the dunes. 

The Westduinpark is located between Scheveningen and Kijkduin. The park is one of the biggest nature reserves in the city with 240 hectares of forests and open spaces, wet dune valleys and high dune tops—it’s a great spot for explorers who want to make the most of their time outdoors. 

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