Visiting Tilburg soon? You need to know some things before you arrive in the city. That’s why we have compiled some Tilburg FAQs that will help you navigate the city easily. 

What is the weather like in Tilburg?

Summers in Tilburg are comfortable, while winters are very cold and windy. 

How to get to Tilburg?

You can get to Tilburg via the nearest airport in Eindhoven. On the other hand, if you will be taking a train, you can take a train from Amsterdam. 

How to get to Tilburg from Amsterdam?

You can get to Tilburg from Amsterdam via train, bus, car, or shuttle. 

How far is Tilburg from Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is 57 miles away from Tilburg, 

Where to eat in Tilburg? 

There are many places to eat in Tilburg. Check out De Houtloods if you’re looking for something special. Also, you should check out Niewlandstraat area because there are a lot of cool coffee places here. The Stoom013 is also a-must see as it’s a restaurant in an old train compartment at the Spoorzone. 

What to see in Tilburg? 

There are so many places to see in Tilburg, from museums to neighborhoods, and many more. 

What is the fair in Tilburg? 

The Tilburg Fair is one of the most popular events in the Netherlands. This is a 10-day Tilburg fair that features a lot of attractions and rides. Every year, more than a million people visit the fair. 

Where to go ice skating in Tilburg? 

The most popular place to skate in in Tilburg is at Ireen Wust IJsbaan. 

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