Tilburg is the second-largest city of North Brabant. If you have two days to explore the city, you’re in luck because there are many things to see here. Check out this simple 2-day itinerary you can do in Tilburg

Day One

Get ready because your first day is packed. There are a lot of things to see on your first day, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Let’s begin!

Have Breakfast at Piushaven

Start off your day in Piushaven. Formerly the city’s trade epicentre, the area is now filled with a lot of stores along with restaurants where you can grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast before you start your first day in Tilburg. 

Check out EethusTwintig, a lifestyle restaurant located in the former Falcon factory. EethusTwintig is not only a restaurant, but it’s also an interior design you. 

Head On Over to the Textile Museum

Ever thought about how your clothes are made? Consider yourself lucky you’re in Tilburg. At the Textile Museum, you’ll learn more about textiles. This is the only place in the world where art, design, fashion, heritage, and innovation in the field of textiles come together. While you’re here, make sure to visit the TextielLab, where you can see the artists and designers in action. 

Get to Know the History of the City at Spoorzone

Spoorzone is a 75-hectare area in the city where you can dive deeper into the history of the city. It’s a former marshalling yard and workshop that consists of three areas. There are a lot of things to do here, from the Doloris Rooftop & Maze to the Street Art.

Visit the LocHal

One of the must-see places where you can grab lunch in Spoorzone is at the LocHal used to be a locomotive hall, which is now the living room of Tilburg. It’s easy to get lured in because of its impressive exterior features. LocHal is where people meet and get inspired as there is a library and a coffee place inside. Along with that, there are various labs inside where you can explore your senses. 

Finish the Day at Dwaalland

The Dwaalland district is where you can spend the second half of your first day. Here you can find buildings, unique shops, and delicious foods. It’s also a great place to be in if you want to be surrounded by locals and experience the Dutch’s laid-back lifestyle. 

Day 2

Now, it’s time to take in some of the culture and the arts, along with beautiful nature scenery in the city. 

See the Museum de Pont

If you’re into contemporary art, then you should definitely check out Museum de Pont. The museum has over 800 works by famous artists, such as Anish Kapoor, Marlene Dumas, and Bill Viola. 

Have a Picnic at Wandelbos

Your 2-day trip in a Dutch city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a picnic in one of the many parks in the country. For lunch, head to the Wandelbos, a beautiful park forest where you can catch a little break. Here you can take a short walk and find the perfect spot for a picnic. There are also some attractions here, such as a petting zoo for kids while adults who want to stretch their legs can check out the hiking trails here. 

Visit the La Trappe Brewery

Now is your chance to taste the world’s non-Belgian trappist beer at La Trappe Brewery. End your 2 days in Tilburg where you can taste beers brewed by monks. It’s not every day you get to taste a beer like this! Aside from that, they have excellent meals as well. 

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