Do you want to try waterskiing in Giethoorn? This city has the perfect spots where you can waterski and or wakeboard.

waterskiing in giethoorn

Water skiing is a surface water sport that involved an individual being pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation on water while wearing two or one skis. It’s like skiing on snow, but this time, you do it on water, and you have to hold onto a cable, instead of holding onto ski poles. 

Waterski Vereniging De Stlle Belter

If you have experience, this is where you can water ski. But no worries if you’re a newbie, in fact, even your kids can take lessons here. There are qualified instructors here that will teach you how to water ski. 

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Located on the Blauwehandsweg, between Wanneperveen and Belt Schutsloot, this area can be reached by boat or car. You can swim here while you watch accomplished water skiers or wake-boarders have fun in the water. 

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Het Zwartewater

If you have your own boat and water skis, you can do fast boating near Giethoorn to Zwartsluis. When you get there, you can sail faster than twenty kilometers per hour. However, there are a lot of rules around the Gieterse lakes so, make sure not to go too fast. 

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Aside from water skiing, you can also try out kite surfing or canoeing in the village. 

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