When you’re thinking about where to eat in Giethoorn, there are a lot of places you can go to. Whether you’re craving steak, or perhaps, some Italian food? It’s also “always” a good idea to enjoy high tea in the village as you enjoy the views of the canals. 

eating in giethoorn

Here are some of the restaurants in Giethoorn

Lunch In Giethoorn

Lunch in the village is delightful. You can choose between a brasserie and eatery. The best thing about them is that most have terraces that will allow you to enjoy views of the canals. 

Here are some of the restaurants you can try for lunch: 

  • de Fanfare
  • Eetcafe Giethoorn
  • De Grachthof
  • het Wapen van Giethoorn
  • Hotel Pergola
  • de Sloothaak
  • de Witte Hoeve
  • Hollands Venetie
  • Smit Giethoorn
  • De Rietsulp
  • ’t Achterhuus
  • Smit’s Paviljoen

Quick Bite In Giethoon

If you’re looking for a place for a quick bite in the village, no worries; there’s quite a selection here—from delicioys french fries to a heart croquette sandwich. 

Here are some of the places you can go to: 

  • de Olde Smidse
  • Spar te Schure (Supermarket)
  • Recreatiebedrijf Geythorn
  • Restaurant ’t Vonder
  • Vishandel Gerrit en de Boer

Don’t Miss Out On The Pancakes

If you’re coming with kids, or even with adults, you should not miss out on delicious pancakes in the village. There’s a good selection of pancake restaurants here, but don’t worry, they have other foods as well aside from pancakes. 

  • Restaurant ’t Zwaantje
  • Restaurant De Witte Hoeve

Italian In The Village

Are you craving Italian food? You don’t have to take a trip to Italy to get your dose of authentic Italian dishes. Enjoy good Italian food in the village at: 

  • Fratelli 
  • Canal Grande

High Tea Over The Canals

Never miss a high tea when you’re in The Netherlands, especially in the village where everything is picturesque. 

Here are some places you can get high tea in Giethoorn. 

A Taste Of China

Nothing spells comfort food than Chinese food. If you’re craving some dimsum and Asian fried rice, don’t worry; Giethoorn has a selection of Chinese restaurants you can dine in. 

Check out the Chinese restaurants here. 

For The Carnivores

Do you want some delicious steak? Head on over to e steakhouse in the village or in nearby cities. 

Sail & Eat

Yes, you can go on a boat ride and eat at the same time. We have put together a tour where you can enjoy a cruise around the canals while you’re served delicious food. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the tour: 

  • 19:00: Hotel pickup and board the boat. You will be served delicious dishes by the time. 
  • 20:15: End of cruise. Perhaps, you can end the day by having a few drinks in the village. 

Get to know more about the tour package here.

Game & Food

Do you want to inject excitement while you eat? We offer some great packages you can enjoy. 

  • VR Murder Game Dinner: After a meal in the eatery, you will be taken to a VR murder case where you can burn all those calories and use all your brainpower to solve a murder mystery. 
  • VR Bombsquad Dinner: Gather the troops (of at least four people) and enjoy the VR Bomsquad Dinner. Here the session has three rounds with an appetizer, main course, and the dessert. 

Book the VR Murder Game Dinner here. 

Book the VR Bombsquad Dinner here. 

Eating in Giethoorn is an experience. Make sure you get the best seats, so book your table here. 


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