Count yourself lucky if you have two days to explore one of the most interesting and oldest cities in the Netherlands—Utrecht! Immerse yourself in the small-town vibes with a hint of medieval magic. Here, I’ll take you on a great 2-day stay in Utrecht that will help you make the most out of your stay. 

Day One

Grab yourself some coffee, because you’re going to need the energy for your first day in Utrecht… 

Have Coffee First

You’re probably tired of hearing about this from me, but I can’t stress this enough—our coffee in the Netherlands is awesome, plus, we have great cafes here. So, I’m not going to get tired of telling you this—get coffee as much as you can while you’re here. And that’s the first thing you need to do on your first day in the city. 

There are many coffee shops and bakeries here. If you want delicious cookies with your coffee, go to the De Koekfabriek on Schoutenstraat. If you plan to explore the Dom, behind it is a cute cafe Carla’s Conditorie that offers dishes with a hint of Scandinavian flavor. 

Yet one of the most popular coffee shops here is The Village Coffee, which is known to be the best coffee in the city. 

Off to the Dom Tower You Go

The city has one main attraction that is best experienced the moment you step on its grounds, or, er, rather, after you had your cup of Joe. The Dom Tower is a-must go when you’re in Utrecht—and yes, be ready for some exercise because you have 465 steps to climb. But don’t worry, the view and the tour are worth it. You can also get the tickets on the day itself. 

Feast & Be Merry

By the time your Dom Tower tour is over, you’re ready to have some good food. There are a lot of cheap eats around here that will satisfy you like a king. Since you’re in Dutch lands, please do try our delicious pancakes—check out De Oude Muntkelder, the perfect pick-me-up after that long climb. Here you will be able to taste the best pofferjes that are covered icing sugar. 

Last Stop for the Day: Rietveld Schroder House

Have some more energy left in you? Go and check out the Rietveld Schroder House, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Manage your expectations, though because it isn’t that big. 

Here you’ll get the rad in Dutch architecture—the designs, peculiar shapes, and quirky walls make the house mind-blowing. The most interesting part here is at the upper level where there are zero internal walls, but you can always slide and revolve the panels to create several rooms; cool, huh? 

Before you Retire for the Night…

A perfect place to be in as the sun sets in the city is the Trajectum Lumen, a light-art walk that will take you on a historical journey around the city for about two hours. Since you’re only here for two days, make the most out of it already. 

The best thing? You don’t have to pay for anything! Just follow the orange lights embedded in the road. 

Day Two

For your last day in Utrecht, enjoy the canals and shop til you drop!

Go on a Canal Boat Cruise

The Netherlands is famous for its canals, and Utrecht is no exception. There’s something magical about experiencing the city while you float into the medieval canals. Take a round-trip canal boat cruise and feel yourself intertwine with the history and architecture of Utrecht. See the most famous monuments, hidden beauties, and many more. 

Shop Now

Before you leave the city, it’s time to do some shopping. Head to Hoog Catharijne, which is the most visited mall in the country that holds over 160 shops. Here, you can really find a lot of brands from clothes, food, to jewellers. 

Tell us about your two-day stay in Utrecht and make sure to browse our other handy topics about the cities and villages in the Netherlands here at Ask the Dutch Guy! 


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