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The Capital of the Netherlands

For a backpacker, a luxury-minded traveler, or a passionate antiquarian, Amsterdam will always be a charm in spades. With its iconic canals and townhomes, cobblestone lanes, and culturally tolerant vibe, this place won’t disappoint.

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Why Visit Amsterdam

Saying that Amsterdam is a feat of ingenuity is an understatement. Amsterdam is unconventional, ambitious, and spellbinding. From its world-class museums to its quaint streets and lively cafes, this city is worth visiting. Let us tell you why:

  • It is drenched in history and arts.
  • Festivals never run out in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam takes “food” to the next level.
  • The city never sleeps.
  • Almost everything is “Instagramable.”
  • The locals are amicable and welcoming.

What to See in Amsterdam

There’s a good reason Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital. Aside from the fact that it’s the city of Rembrandt, Anne Frank, and Johan Cruyff, it’s filled with fascinating stories and endless attractions.

Wonders of 17th-century merchant and patrician houses await tourists who’d want to experience a magical canal cruise in Amsterdam. They’ll also come across historic bridges and churches along with typical Dutch boathouses.

People worldwide flock to Amsterdam every spring to witness a spectacle like no other—the Tulip festival. This festival is a month-long celebration that highlights millions of blooming tulips and a grand flower parade. 

Learn more about the places in Amsterdam where you can see tulips by reading this blog post.

Exploring the rich culture and history of Amsterdam requires visiting a few of the city’s famous museums. If you’re planning to visit an  art or historical repository in Amsterdam, here are some notable locations:

  • The Rijksmuseum (National Museum)
  • Anne Frank House (Anne Frank Huis)
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • The National Maritime Museum (Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum)
  • Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder
photo b ydaniel spilkao on unsplash

Best Things to Do in Amsterdam

What is there to do in a city with oozing history and a humming cultural scene? Have fun and get lost! Literally and figuratively speaking!

When we say have fun and get lost, we mean to enjoy and be in awe! Because Amsterdam offers a wealth of rewarding and spellbinding experiences. 

Are you looking for the ultimate Amsterdam travel guide? Follow this link!

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned tourist in Amsterdam, trying these activities will never get old:

  • Walking around and getting lost inside the charming neighbourhood of Jordaan
  • Power-pedaling around the city’s classic networks of cycle routes and flat landscape
  • Eating a raw herring, the “Dutch way”
  • Visiting the countryside windmills
  • Canal cruising and museum hopping
  • Trying a local beer (Here’s your guide)

There’s so much to do and enjoy when you’re in Amsterdam. But things can get a little bit chippy when you’re traveling in the city without the right guide. Good thing we got these best travel itineraries for you. Follow the links below to know more:

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