What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or read the word “tulips?” Images of Holland probably come to mind; and if you’re curious to know about the places in Amsterdam where you can see tulips, then you’ve come to the right page. 


Tulip Festival

Consider yourself lucky if your visit to the city is during the month-long Tulip festival in April. There are many events across the city to celebrate the national flower of the Netherlands. Make sure you check out the ones installed in front of the Rijksmuseum and the ones at public parks and museums’ gardens. 

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Since you’re already here for the tulips, why don’t you also learn about the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age when the tulip craze, or also known as “Tulipmania,” in the country. Would you believe that back then, some people even sold their homes to invest in bulbs? 

You can find the museum on the Prinsengracht canal, just opposite the Anne Frank Housewhich is not hard to miss. 

Here you can find various interactive exhibits by local artists that trace the journey of the tulips—from its origins to its arrival n Europe. 

Anne Frank House

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Floating Flower Market

Bloemenmarkt is the world’s only floating flower market, and you can find it here in the city. There are 15 stalls on houseboats here on the Singel canal, located between the Koningsplein and Muntplei. Here you can find different colors of tulips as well as other types of flowers. 


Keukenhof Gardens is the most beautiful flower park in the Netherlands where you can see 800 varieties of tulips. Every year, the fields are displayed based on a theme. Although this is outside the city, it will only take you a short trip to get here.

My main advice to you, if you don’t want to go out of the city to see the tulips in Amsterdam, you need to come here at the right time, which is during springtime. Tulip season in Amsterdam is in mid-April or late March.

If you are here in February, you can catch glimpses of tulips popping out of the ground. However, April’s end is a bit too late with most tulips more open flowers instead of the classic closed tulip that you were expecting to see.  


Expore Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring garden in the world! Enjoy a leisurely day while you make your way through hundreds of spellbinding tulips!

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Don’t worry; if you don’t get to visit the city during tulip season, it’s still possible to find tulips in Amsterdam all-year-round. Although most are not growing in flower beds, there are many ways to find and see tulips here. No matter what time of the year it is, you will definitely pass by stalls that have tulips. Aside from tulips, you can also check what other things Amsterdam is famous for.

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