We want to answer all the most frequently asked questions to give you essential Amsterdam facts.

What’s the weather in Amsterdam?

The weather here can be pretty mixed. Summers an be dry and warm, with some rainfall. While Spring and Autumn are fairly mixed. On the other hand, winters here are mild but wet, so it’s important to have jackets and umbrellas with you if you’re coming here during the winter. One thing you need to keep in mind is you will never know when you’re here, so it’s best to be prepared. 

What is the currency in the city? 

The Netherlands uses Euro. Keep in mind that it can be challenging to use notes above a hundred euros in most places the city. Therefore, make sure to ask for smaller denominations. 

Is tap water safe to drink in the city? 

You should know that the city has the cleanest tap water in Europe, which makes it safe to drink. 

How to get around the city? 

The locals’ favorite mode of transport here is the bike! It is the easiest and quicker way to get around the city; plus, it’s good exercise. You can find out more about renting a bike in Amsterdam here. 

How many canals are there in Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam has 165 canals. 

Is it legal to smoke weed in Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam is famous for its weed and how people are allowed to smoke it legally. Therefore, if you plan to smoke weed in the city, yes, you can. You can even buy there; but only if you’re 18 years old and older. 

Can you visit a prostitute in the city? 

Prostitution is legal in the city but there are rules that must be strictly followed. It should be done legally, and things like abuse, money laundering, and human trafficking in the city are illegal. 

How many bars are there in Amsterdam?

So far, there are over a thousand bards in the city. You can find a bar in almost every corner, yet most of them are in the city center. 

What time do clubs close in Amsterdam? 

Bars and cafes in the center of the city can stay open until 01:00 and until 03:00 at the weekend. However, some close a bit earlier. In generally, dance clubs stay open until 03:00 on weekdays and 04:00 on the weekends. 

What are the famous pubs in Amsterdam? 

Some of the famous pubs in Amsterdam are Punky & Dodgy, Oasis in Noord, and Many Belgian Beers. Interested in a pub crawl in Amsterdam? Click here. 

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