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“The past is present in Steenwijk.”

That’s what you’ll usually hear about this humble and historical city in the Netherlands. Its famous churches and museums stand as silent witnesses to its illustrious past and sweeping popularity. It may not be as electric as Amsterdam or other cities in the Netherlands, but Steenwijk is nothing short of amusement and grandeur.

Top Attractions in Steenwijk

Even though it’s a small city, Steenwijk is filled with wonders. You have the option to explore the city’s landscapes, take a trip to museums or churches, maybe grab some coffee or tea in town. All these activities will lead you to Steenwijk’s promising tourist attractions. Some of them are:

Museumhuis Rams Woerthe

Surrounded by a 10-hectare park, this villa boasts wrought-iron features and stained-glass windows that speak of its extraordinary character. Steenwijk established it as a town hall in 1919, while its basement was turned into the Civil Defence command centre.

Sint Clemenskerk

Sint Clemenskerk is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Steenwijk. Its tower of the Grote measures 86 meters, which can be seen from outer space.

Stadsmuseum Steenwijk

Explore the works of popular Steenwijker manufacturers from the last century. In this museum, you will find Eskaf pottery, Wildebras dolls, Monsieur furniture, Bijkamp silver, Steenwijker tobacco industry, and the Fortress City. 

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Things to Do in Steenwijk

Given its geographical size, one would imagine how limited the activities in Steenwijk are. But don’t be fooled—the city has a lot to offer. 

If you’re planning to visit Steenwijk and you’re pretty uncertain of the things you want to do while in the city, here’s a list to get you started:

Set up camp and spend the day hiking or cycling

Where to Stay in Steenwijk

Finding a place to stay in Steenwijk isn’t difficult as you imagine. As mentioned, Steenwijk is a small city. If you’re visiting Steenwijk during the holidays, Airbnb’s would be a perfect choice. You can also try booking in Steenwijk’s best holiday homes or hostels; otherwise, if you could save enough money to make the most out of your vacation, it’s best to spend your days in Steenwijk’s best hotels

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