What will you do on a beautiful day and you just want to have a slow day in Steenwijk? We suggest you head to the parks in and near the area. The parks are an excellent way to take a break and simply enjoy nature. Below are some of the parks that you can visit in Steenwijk.


Just north of Steenwijk, the Woldberg, which was initially called Hiddingerberg is a beautiful park to visit. Legend has is that there’s a pot of gold somewhere in the area.  A story about a flood that happened in the Zuiderzee at the foot of the Woldberg, in which a small boat was wrecked that contained gold. Since then, the gold has never been recovered. 

There’s a tea house in the park, a nature camping site, a walking and mountain bike route, and a watchtower where you can see a good view of Steenwijk and its surrounding area. 

Rams Woerthe 

This is a well-known museum in the area, but it also has a beautiful park you can visit if you feel like lounging outdoors. The villa, which looks like a structure ala Downton Abbey, is surrounded by a 10-hectare park in English landscape style. There are three log winding ponds, along with 45 different types of trees and shrubs on display. A deer park and a tea house are also available. 

De Weerribben-Wieden National Park

The national park is known as the largest continuous peat bog area in Northwestern Europe. Here, you will experience nature at its fines—from subtly getting your feet wet from the puddles, or perhaps take a boat ride by the lakes, a mysterious-looking swamp will pique your curiosity as well. Traipse into forests and flowery meadows that will make you feel so in touch with nature. If you love plants, you will find a nursery room that holds unique plants and animal species. If you’re not up to rough it up 100%, you can go sailing, cycling, and walking in the area. 

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