Get a taste of the history and culture of Steenwijk by visiting their museums. There are two museums in the city, while you can travel a little bit to nearby Giethoorn if you want more taste of history, artifacts, and whatnot. A trip to Steenwijk, or the whole of The Netherlands, wouldn’t be complete without visiting these museums. 

1. Museumhuis Rams Woerthe

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, you’re going to love Rams Woerthe—the Downton Abbey of Overijssel. Initially, it was built for the Tromp Meester family, in which they lived in for nine years until he died and the property was sold in 1917. Steenwijk established it as a town hall in 1919, while its basement was turned into the command center of the Civil Defense. 

Surrounded by a 10-hectare park, the villa is boasts of wrought iron features and stained glass windows that give it so much character. For lovers plants, there are five different types of trees and shrubs here. Don’t miss out the deer park and have a cup of tea in the tea house.

The Hildo Krop Museum is located inside the building, which pays homage to the great works of Hildo Krop, a Steenwijk artist who is best known as the city sculptor of Amsterdam. 

2. Stadsmuseum Steenwijk

The Stadsmuseum Steenwijk is the former home of Margaretha Reiners and a day before she did, she had a will drawn up that stated her house and its entire contents will be given to a foundation that will use it as a museum. 

Take a peek at the works of popular Steenwijker manufacturers from the last century. In this museum, you will find Eskaf pottery, Wildebras dolls, Monsieur furniture, Bijkamp silver, Steenwijker tobacco industry, and the Fortress City. The museum also houses archaeological finds, maps, crafts, and a lot more. 

3. Museum ’t Olde Maat Uus

A couple of minutes away from Steenwijk, this museum is originally a farmhouse situated on an original Gieterse farm. Catch a glimpse of how the original people of Giethoorn lived before. Make sure to hire a guided tour, or if you want to do it on your own, you get to follow an audio tour that will let you explore the museum at your own pace. 

original museum olde maat us in giethoorn

4. Museum The Old Earth

Are you a big fan of fossils, gems, and minerals? See the largest egg in the world here along with the amethyst geode from Brazil and the fossilized trunk from the United States. Take pleasure in the beautiful and shining gems and minerals that will make you feel like you’re among the stars. 

Museum The Old Earth in Giethoorn

5. Shell Gallery Gloria Maris

Dive deep into the wonders of the ocean at the Shell Gallery Gloria Maris. Here, you will find the rarest and precious shell in the world, which is the Gloria Maris. See the wonders of the underwater and bask in marine treasures. 

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