Steenwijk is a small city, but it’s brimming with interesting spots to see. Immerse yourself in the greenery, take a trip to the museum, visit the church, or perhaps, grab some coffee or tea in town? All of these can be done in one day! Be warned, though—a day isn’t enough to explore Steenwijk, so next time, try to spend a couple more days to truly see everything that the city has to offer.

As you arrive in Steenwijk, you can check out the…

A Taste of Culture: Museumhuis Rams Woerthe

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, you’re going to love Rams Woerthe—the Downton Abbey of Overijssel. Initially, it was built for the Tromp Meester family, in which they lived in for nine years until he died and the property was sold in 1917. Steenwijk established it as a town hall in 1919, while its basement was turned into the command center of the Civil Defense.

Surrounded by a 10-hectare park, the villa is boasts of wrought iron features and stained glass windows that give it so much character. For lovers plants, there are five different types of trees and shrubs here. Don’t miss out the deer park and have a cup of tea in the tea house.

The Hildo Krop Museum is located inside the building, which pays homage to the great works of Hildo Krop, a Steenwijk artist who is best known as the city sculptor of Amsterdam.

Next stop…

Say A Little Prayer: Sint Clemenskerk

This church isn’t your ordinary church—it’s a church you can see from outer space! It is one of the most interesting places you can visit. It has gone through a lot, specifically the Iconoclasm. Still, it remains standing up to this day. Bask in it beauty, say a little prayer, and don’t forget to take photos for the ‘gram!

Taking a break from that tour, you grab some lunch at…

Fuel Up At Woody’s House Steenwijk

A day in Steenwijk would not be complete without getting your fill of good steak and delicious seafood at this loghouse-like steakhouse. Located in the city centre, it’s the perfect spot to eat in if you’re going with your family and friends. Even kids will be able to enjoy, thanks to their playroom where they can interact with other kids while parents can eat at peace.

And for snacks…

Best Frikandel At Cafetaria De Honingpot

Located in Oosterstraat, this snackbar is known to have the best fries in town. They also have their own spice mixture over it, which makes it remarkably delicious. Aside from that, they also have tasty sandwiches and hamburgers that will go well with your frikandel!

Cap off the day by grabbing a beer or a glass of wine at…

Some Buzz At Zus En Zo Steenwijk

Celebrate your first day on the city or cap off the night with delicious drinks here at Zus En Zo. It’s not only a bar, but it’s a restaurant as well that serves lunch and dinner. If you’re not up for drinks, you can stop by for a fresh cup of tea or coffee. The restaurant has a diverse menu and a list of wine and special beers for the nights you need a drink.

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