Now that you’re here in Steenwijk, or perhaps, you’re planning a trip here, one of the experiences you shouldn’t miss is to camp in Dutch land. The Dutch consider camping as the most popular way to spend their holidays. It’s no surprise since the Dutch are known for their adventurous spirits. When you go camping in Steenwijk (or basically, anywhere in The Netherlands), you will love how personal and welcoming the environment is as they are perfectly aligned to the standard of living of the Dutch.

The Netherlands may be a small country, but they do have over 845 official campsites in the area. Therefore, since you are already here, check out these campsites and experience how the Dutch camps! It’s a wonderful experience that may even make you fall in love with camping itself.

Camping Steenwijkerkamp

Located in the middle of plenty of nature reserves, such as the Weerribben, the Wieder, the Eese, and Havelteberg, Camping Steenwijkerkamp is a small green SVR campsite. Set up your tent in the middle of it all and spend the day hiking or cycling. Here, you get the option to connect online still as there’s free WiFi.

Camping B&B De Meppelerweg

Enjoy nature at a mini campsite on the edge of the Steenwijker Kamp and the Onnase Field. What makes this campsite unique is that there is a bed and breakfast here as well, which means that if you’re not up for roughing it in a tent or you don’t have an RV, you can have a comfortable stay at the B&B. There are 14 pitches and there are ten spots in the area that have a power supply.


Travel a bit farther and camp in the Weerriben-Wieden where there are a lot of campsites that are suitable for the whole family. Check out the Kolderkamp farm campsite and star with a farmer. On the other hand, if you have kids with you, it’s best to go to Holiday Park ’t Akkertien on the Voorst where there are plenty of recreational facilities your kids can enjoy. The park has a swimming pool and other sports facilities.

However, if you want peace and quiet, set up your tent or park your RV in Camping De Hoogte, a green campsite that is right in the middle of nature.

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