If you got three days in Steenwijk, you got to check out this exclusive itinerary!

First Day

On your first day in Steenwijk, choose between a hotel and a bed and breakfast to stay in. If you want to stay in a fully-serviced room, then a hotel is the best place to stay in.

Buitengoed Fredesheim

An excellent hotel whether you’re alone, with a loved one, or even with the whole family. This hotel is situated in the middle of a beautiful forest called ‘de Woldberg’. If you’re into nature, you can enjoy a walk around the area and probably catch sight of a few deers in their natural habitat. You can also do other activities, such as cycling and hiking. Pets are also welcome here. and rest assured, they will have a lot of space to walk on.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, and you want a more personal and more affordable three-day stay in town, we recommend you stay at a bed and breakfast.

B&B Slapen in de kerk

A unique establishment that used to be a former church and is close to the city centre, this bed and breakfast has nice rooms with spacious bathrooms. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy a great breakfast—choose between continental and buffet options.

Walk around and visit the stained glass studio the De Glazen Zee, and see the glazier at work. You can even participate in a stained-glass workshop. If you want to traverse further, you can get to the museums, shops, theatre, and restaurants as they are all a minutes’ walk away from the bed and breakfast. It’s also a perfect spot to stay in if you have plans to visit Giethoorn or the Weerribben.

When you’re already settled, I recommend you check out the Sint Clemenskerk church to say a little prayer and see the church that you can see from outer space up close.

This is a great spot to take photos as well and to get a feel of the city.

After your church visit, hop onto the city centre and check out the shops, cafes, and restaurants. The Dutch is big on coffee and tea, so you will find plenty of cafes in the area. There are also plenty of restaurants here that offer a variety of dishes—from Dutch food to Italian.

For your coffee and tea, we highly recommend you check out this cafe-slash-hotel:

Smederij Steenwijk

Go inside an authentic blacksmith shop that is a hotel and a cafe. Here, you will find plenty of choices of coffee and tea. Check out their Espresso Bar and choose from cappuccino, latte, and many more. In the case you prefer tea, they offer a hundred loose teas and herbs in stock. It’s a whole different experience. And if you want to bring home some coffee and tea, you can purchase them at the shop so you can enjoy it even when you’re in your hotel room or at home.

You’re probably tired from your travel, so if you’re still not ready to retire for the day, get into some pubs or have a glass of red.

Zus En Zo Steenwijk

Celebrate your first day on the city or cap off the night with delicious drinks here at Zus En Zo. It’s not only a bar, but it’s a restaurant as well that serves lunch and dinner. If you’re not up for drinks, you can stop by for a fresh cup of tea or coffee. The restaurant has a diverse menu and a list of wine and special beers for the nights you need a drink.

Second day

You’ve got a full day ahead of you and you’re more energised today, so choose between exploring nearby Giethoorn or the Weeribben Wieden by boat.

When you get to Giethoorn, you’ll spend most of your time in the water so dress accordingly. Rent a boat for at least two hours, or if you plan to spend most of your day here, you can choose different shipping routes that will allow you to explore the village through its lakes.

Not up to sail your way through Giethoorn? No worries; get on a canal cruise with experienced sailing masters on a tour boat where you get to hear stories about the history of Giethoorn village.

Feeling more independent and adventurous? You can rent motorised rental boats or a Gieterse punt, which is a boat made of wood or polyester that will push you with a punt tree.

When you’re done with all the water activities, go for a walk at their city centre or you can go by bike. Take in the beautiful thatched houses on both sides of the village canal where you can take plenty of photos.

In the case that you want a real tour of the village, you can travel by luxury coach or by your own transport and get a fully catered day trip or a Giethoorn package.

If you have already visited Giethoorn in your previous travels, then why don’t you head to the Weeriben Wieden instead by boat? In fact, it’s highly recommended you explore the park by boat as there are plenty of waterways here that are surrounded by magnificent nature.

It’s an ideal place for a boat trip. You can even do Giethoorn and also explore the National Park De Weerriben in one day by choosing a sailing route that goes straight to the park.

Third day

Today is your last day, and you probably want to make the most out of it.

Take in the beauty of nature and take a hike in a park or wood ‘ de Woldberg. If you’re not up to hike, you can always rent a bike and explore the surroundings of Steenwijk. There are several routes you can take here.

Before you check out, make sure you see the beauty of Steenwijk because truly, it is unforgettable.


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