The fourth biggest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht is so close to Amsterdam that it is often overshadowed. However, the city has a lot to offer; such as it’s historic ties to the church and the largest university in the country, undoubtedly, the city has a lot to offer and is worth seeing. 

Make the most out of your one day in Utrecht. Ask The Dutch Guy lists down the things you can do to get the most out of your day trip in Utrecht: 

First, Coffee

When you arrive in Utrecht, the first thing you need to do is to visit the famous coffee spots in the area. You can find great cafes in the University Quarter on Voorstraat. There are also more cafes near the town center and Oudegracht canal. 

Explore The Domplein Square

The Domplein Square surrounds Utrecht’s Cathedral, which features a lot of attractions on its own. Explore the Cathedral and you will likely stumble upon the cloister courtyard, the Pandhof Domkerk. What’s special about it is the gardens that are designed so carefully. Nearby, you will notice the Academiegobouw, one of the grandest buildings in the city and where the university hosts their events. 

As you walk around Domplein, you will see some markings on the floor, which is where the walls of the Trajectum, a Roman settlement, once stood. 

Visit The Rietveld Schroder House

An innovative house built in 1924, imagine the shock of people back then when this modern house was built. Rietvald Schroder House features moving walls and design elements that connect the house’s interior with the world outside. Before you go, make sure you make an advanced booking; otherwise, you won’t be able to come in because tour groups here are only small. Once in, you will be provided an audio guide that will talk about the history of the house. Ah, the Dutch’s talent in architecture is truly remarkable!

Climb The Tallest Church Tower In The Netherlands

Ready to get your heart pumping? Climb the Dom Tower; it will take you 465 stairs to get to the top. The cathedral tower is 112 metres tall—imagine that. Plus, you will learn a lot about it when you go on the guided tour. Your trip to the city won’t be complete without climbing the Dom Tower, so, don’t miss it. 

Go Underground

Try the DOM Under tour, which will walk you through the history of Utrecht. Go down the cellars and see the Roman ruins. After a while, you will find yourself below Domplein, in a huge chamber. Don’t worry; if you’re claustrophobic, you will be fine here. 

Eat & Shop

Head on over to the Stadhuis Quarter, which is the most lively part of the city. This is where you should end your one day in Utrecht. There are shopping streets here and a lot of cafes, bars, and restaurants. Here you can get some pretty souvenirs, and at the same time, indulge in delicious food. You can even end the day with a nightcap here. 

Walk a bit farther and you’ll see the Stadskasteed Oudaen, a converted city castle. 

Now, how’s that for your one day in Utrecht? Do you want more? Browse our other topics here at Ask The Dutch Guy!


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