Lucky you, you have 3 days in Rotterdam! Within those three days you will be able to experience many of the city’s highlights. Here at Ask The Dutch Guy, we want to make your trip the best. Here is a three-day itinerary you can follow to have the best time in the city. 

3 days in rottedam

Day One

On your first day in Rotterdam, here are some things you can do. See the historical buildings, do some shopping, see the famous Santa Claus, and cap off the night with good drinks at the old port. 

See The Historical Buildings In The City

The best place to see many historical buildings in one place is to go to the Coolsingel St. Here you can see the former Post Office, the City Hall, and the Timmerhuis that is now the Rotterdam museum. While you’re here, you can grab a quick breakfast or have a coffee because there are cafes and restaurants as well as shopping malls on both sides of the street. 

If you want to do some shopping in the morning of your first day, walk a bit an find the Oude Binnenweg Street where you can see and explore cute shops. And to have a bit more of what Rotterdam has to offer, walk to Westersingel Street, where you can see the famous Santa Claus, which is also known as “Buttplug Gnome” that is right at the entrance of the city’s shopping district. 

Enjoy The Canals

Your Dutch experience wouldn’t be complete without seeing the canals. There is a beautiful canal on Westersingel Street where you can sit back and relax and take in the beautiful city. After all, it’s only your first day, so you have every right to chill and take it slow. 

Stroll around the canals and you will spot cool buildings, like Pauluskerk and the Calypso. The statues and art installations along the streets are also a bonus. 

Experience The Medieval Side Of The City

You see, Rotterdam isn’t only a city that is filled with modern architecture; it also has a medieval side similar to other European countries, and that’s something you shouldn’t miss while you’re here. 

Visit the St. Laurence Church, a perfect example of Gothic architecture—admire its history and see the contrast between old and modern Rotterdam. 

Visit The Market Hall

Only a couple of meters away from the church is the famous Market Hall, which is a-must see place in the city. It’s a gigantic building that houses food stalls, shops, and restaurants. Look up the ceiling and witness the work of art of Horny of Plenty by Arno Coenan and Iris Roskam. While you’re here, try local specialties like the Dutch cheese and stroopwafels. 

Take In The Beauty Of The Cube Houses

Can you go to Rotterdam without seeing the Cube Houses—an iconic architecture in the city that you shouldn’t skip. You can walk around the houses that were designed by Piet Blom. Cap off your first day by stopping by at one of the bars at Oudhaven (old port). 

Day Two

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Hop on a bike, visit a nearby village, and see the beautiful windmills. 

Rent A Bike

Do you want to see the city “Dutch style?” In the morning, rent a bike and explore the city. There are plenty of bike rental facilities that several types of packages. Don’t worry; Rotterdam is a bike-friendly city! 

Visit Kinderdijk

Step outside of the city on your bike and see the village of Kinderdijk. Here you can see the beautiful the 19 preserved windmills. Now, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. The windmills is a strong symbol of the Dutch’s water management system. 

While you’re in the village, you can eat and have coffee as there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area. You can spend the whole day here on your second day and go back to your hotel at night. 

Day Three

Visit two of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and see traditional Dutch houses and museums. End your 3 days in Rotterdam with a bang at one of the best bars or restaurants in the city. 

Walk Around Kralingen

In the morning, walk around Kralingen, a neighborhood close to the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. A lot of the Dutch houses here are surrounded by dykes that make the house float peacefully. Additionally, a lot of the large windows here are open, and you can peek inside discreetly if you want to see the Dutch’s talent in interior design. Stop by at the park as well and see a genuine Dutch windmill at the Kralingen Bos. 

Visit Delfshaven

The neighborhood of Delfshaven is worthy to be explored as well on your third day. You can have your lunch here and you can visit the Museumpark that has some of the world-leading cultural institutions including the Kunsthal and Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

 End The Trip With A Bang

There’s no perfect way to end your 3 days in Rotterdam but by spending it at Witte de Withstraat that is known for its restaurants, bars, and nightlife. 

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