Often overshadowed by Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a modern city that has a terrible past. It was bombed during the Second World War, but it has risen from the ashes, and it did a hell of a good job on it.

The city is only an hour away from Amsterdam. So, while you’re here, here are some of the attractions in Rotterdam that you shouldn’t miss!


The Markthal is another piece of beautiful architecture. From the outside, you will appreciate its beauty right away, but wait until you see the inside. Look up and you will be blown away by the ceiling. This is a great place to eat because it’s actually a gigantic food market.  

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Hotel New York

You don’t have to check-in at this hotel to see and experience it, but it’s one of the places in Rotterdam that you shouldn’t miss. Located in the old head office of the Holland American Line, Hotel New York still emits an old-world atmosphere that adds contrast to the modern architecture in the city. Here you can enjoy lunch or dinner, or you can even get a haircut at the barber shop.  

Cube Houses

See the most unusual houses in the city by visiting the Cube Houses. The houses are made by Pieter Blom. They were built in the seventies and they were designed to resemble a forest, in which each house represents a tree. There are uninhabited cubes here that are open for tourists, and there is also a hostel here if you want to stay in an unusual house.  

Photo by Richard Ciraulo

Cube Houses

Learn more about Rotterdam’s Cube Houses and enjoy a slice of the city’s most creative and striking architecture.

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Old Harbor

Breathe in the fresh air and don’t miss the old harbor. The area is filled with plenty of restaurants. From here, you can see the Cube Houses as well.  


Get on top of the Euromast and see the beautiful city. Here you can see all the waterways. You will also like the glass lift that rotates 360 degrees to make sure you see the view from every angle. On the weekends, you go book a zipline adventure here.  



Treat yourself by visiting Euromast, a 185-meter-tall tower restaurant that offers a world-class culinary experience. 


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The Laurens Church

 Situated next to Markthal, and across from the iconic Cube Houses, the church remains to be a magnificent piece of architecture.

The Laurens church has been damaged by the Second World War; therefore, it’s one of the most historic landmarks in the city that was rebuilt. You have the chance to climb the tower and have a beautiful view of the city.  

Oude Noorden

This is a neighborhood in Rotterdam that is extra special as it was once a place for workers and immigrants. Today, the streets are full of independent boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Here you can see young families as well as old ones that have been here before the war.  

Erasmus Bridge

Don’t forget to check out the modern Erasmus Bridge, which is also known as The Swan. This is one of the famous attractions in Rotterdam. The Erasmus Bridge is the second largest bridge in the Netherlands, and it connects the north and south parts of Rotterdam.  

Photo by Harold Wijnholds on Unsplash

Witte de With Street

If you are looking for a great place to spend your night in, make sure to check out this street. It is filled with boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Additionally, you can get a taste of the city’s nightlife here as well. 

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