One of the most fun things you can do in Giethoorn, especially if you’re going with a large group is to experience an escape room. Escape rooms are a great bonding experience!

Here, we have listed some of the best and scariest escape rooms in the village and nearby.

escape rooms in giethoorn and nearby

Escaperoom Hacked!

A group of hackers has targeted the personal data of many innocent civilians. It’s your responsibility to find the hackers and put an end to this crime. This is a great escape room in Giethoorn.

Hacked is for three to eight people and is available in Dutch and English language. You can take your friends, family members, and even your team members here. For sure, everybody will have fun solving the crime. 

Make it more fun by pairing it with a partial-day sailing in the village. 

Get to know more about Escaperoom Hacked here. 

Prison Break Paasloo

Number of people: 6 to 200 people (max. 40 people per game)

Board a highly secured prisoner transport in Paasloo in Overijssel to the most challenging and most violent prison in The Netherlands. Can you survive it, or can you escape this fate? 

Enjoy a unique escape game where you will fight against different teams to be the first to escape the hands of the strictest wardens and toughest prisoners. Collaborate with your teammates to escape prison. 

Escape Room Meppel

The escape room in Meppel is located above restaurant Zizo and offers two themes:

The Worst Hotel

Number of people: 3-6 players

Escape The Worst Hotel. Do you dare book a room here? Find out whose and where that voice is coming from beneath the walls. 

Collision Course

Number of people: 3-7 players

The captain has sent the ship on a collision course, but you’re the only one left on board. You need to get to the engine rooms to find the exit. Can you escape? Solve the riddles of the captain and jump ship within an hour. 

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