Planning to rent a yacht in the Netherlands to experience an awesome holiday? The Netherlands is one of the most romantic countries in the world, thanks to its lovely canals and bodies of water. People all over the world know that this is a country of windmills, tulips, and loads and loads of water. You can enjoy several activities, such as canoeing, boat riding, and all sorts of water activities during your stay. 

And where there’s plenty of water, you need a boat to enjoy the place. A large part of the Netherlands consists of bodies of water – canals, rivers and lakes, which are ideally suited for recreational purposes. You can rent all types of boats and water equipment. 

Below are some information on the country, how to have the most fun with water, and 3 ways to rent a yacht in the Netherlands.

Rent a yacht in the Netherlands

Renting a yacht is a great way of getting to know the country. If you haven’t tried or considered renting a boat on holiday, here are just three simple reasons you should rent a yacht

Undisturbed privacy

 Renting a yacht all to yourself promises ultimate privacy. Imagine having the sunchair, jacuzzi, and a choice of delicious cocktail without needing to fall in line or fighting for them with a stranger. A private yacht offers plenty of space exclusively for you and your family.

Unequalled flexibility

When you are the captain of your own boat, you can do whatever you want in your own sweet time. Go sunbathing on the sundeck, jump in the sea for a swim, snorkel, drop your anchor and enjoy the surroundings, or step ashore for a walk or some shopping whenever you please. When in the Netherlands, you need to be very flexible as there are several attractions, destinations, and activities to check out. This is also true when cruising Amsterdam’s canals. You can choose to rent a canoe instead of going on a cruise package to be in control of your time and activities.

Unlimited locations

 With such flexibility, you can go and experience multiple locations without the hassle of packing and repacking your suitcase all the time. In case you haven’t heard, the Netherlands have many amazing islands just waiting for you to discover. There are 11 Dutch islands off the northern part of the country. The largest and most popular of which is Texel Island. Onboard your own yacht, visit this island located within the province of North Holland to enjoy 24 km of pristine beaches. Also, there are over 300 km of cycling and hiking paths to enjoy.

 While yacht rentals can be costly, renting a private boat or going on a chartered holiday is worth every penny. Imagine waking up in the morning to see yourself off a beautiful cove with your family or a few close friends. You are then served a delicious breakfast prepared by your very own chef. And for the rest of the day, you play some water sports, go for a swim or visit several islands. It’s like floating in a luxury hotel in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. 

Tips in Renting  Yacht in the Netherlands

Check out these other tips when renting a yacht in the Netherlands: 

Get insurance and a license

Getting coverage is especially important when you plan to go boating independently and have no prior experience. There haven’t been many accidents along the canals, but some parts of Amsterdam’s network of waterways could get very busy.

When planning to go boating in a more isolated area, it’s probably safer, but insurance is an option you should still consider. The only time you won’t need insurance is when going on a chartered boat or if you have hired a yacht including an experienced captain and crew.

Generally, the boat owner will talk to you about insurance, especially when the yacht you are renting is registered with the National Water Sports Association in the Netherlands. Insurance deductibles are usually equal to the deposit that you pay on the ship. For instance, if you paid 200 euro as a deposit, you could get a 200 euro deductible if an accident happens.

You only need a boating license if you plan on renting a yacht that is longer than 15 metres and that can go beyond a speed of 20 kilometres an hour.

Other than that, you can rent a boat as long as you are over 18 years old. No special permits or licenses are necessary to rent a boat in the Netherlands and enjoy the water.  

Visit a tourist information office

It is easy to rent a yacht in the Netherlands or any type of boat for that matter. To find a rental company and make the search easier, get in touch with the tourist information office near you. You can also check the internet for their location.

Nearly every city and municipality you go to in the country has a tourist information office. You can easily spot them for their blue and white VVV logo in the local centre.

The tourist information office will provide crucial information on locations, maps, lodging tips, guided tours, admission tickets, and so on. You won’t regret sparing a few minutes visiting their office.

Get familiar with some important details

While the tourism office offers important information about your visit in general, there are specific details to know before renting a boat. Consider the following.

Know where to hire a boat

There are many boat rental companies to choose from. What’s important is you hire the best one that can suit your needs. When in the capital city, different companies and individuals are renting out their boats to tourists in Amsterdam. Just make sure you know what exactly you are looking for, including when and where.

If you wish to do things online, there are several websites you can look into to find boats for rent. 

Know when to hire a skipper

If you have little or no sailing experience or simply want to enjoy the ride without minding about the helm, renting a yacht with a captain and crew is best.

Know how much renting a boat in the Netherlands costs

Rental costs depend largely on what kind of boat you are renting and for how long, as well as whether you will hire a captain and crew or not. They can range anywhere from 88 to 300 euros or even 800 euros for the luxury ones. You can rent a yacht even for a week if you wish to spend more time on the water for the right price.

Know what to bring

Depending on how long you intend to stay afloat, consider bringing some food or snacks. For shorter rides, say a simple cruise along Amsterdam’s canals, bringing sunscreen is enough.

Feel free to crack open some cold Dutch beers unless you are operating the boat. Don’t drink and sail. Boat captains are allowed to drink but not more than 0.8 per thousand litres of blood to alcohol level. By the way, there are no laws prohibiting you from smoking weed when on a rental boat, unless the boat owner disallows it. (And definitely not on guided tours.)

Know how long to rent a boat

A cruise can help you relax and enjoy many sights in a short period. When cruising with a guide, you will hear the history and stories of the views you encounter along the way.

It is best to rent a boat for an entire day to know more about the city. During your trip, you can moor anytime at one of the many outdoor cafés or restaurants for a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch or a nice drink. You can also take your time to visit a nearby museum.

Know when to go full blast

When visiting a destination away from the city, get the most of nature by hiring a luxury boathouse for more than a day. Water Villa Intermezzo, for example, is a five-star recreation boathouse for rent with ample space and amazing comfort for four people. This is a 95-sqm water villa with large glass walls that allow you to view the surrounding nature.

You can rent this luxury boat for more than a day to see the Weerribben-Wieden National Park and the tourist centre of Giethoorn in the northern province of Overijssel. Here you can experience complete calm and relaxation as you unwind in the sheltered garden at the quay with several lounge areas and a small private port.

These three ways to rent a yacht in the Netherlands can’t be any simpler or more accessible. Simply put, the beauty of Holland’s waters are waiting for you to experience them and have the most amazing holiday in Europe.



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