Is it your first time visiting Dutch lands? Consider yourself in luck to be in the beautiful village of Giethoorn. Here, there are a lot of things you can do. While you’re here, I suggest you participate in a Dutch sport like Klootschieten that will test your strength. Trust me, it’s a fun sport, and it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.

dutch sport in giethoorn with a twist


Enjoy Klootschieten, a Dutch sport that is of Frisian origin. How does it work? The team players will throw a ball, which is the kloot as far as they can. What makes this different is that it has a different throwing style—something more complicated that requires power, concentration, and speed. 

There are three styles the game is played: 

  • Field: An individual or a team need to reach a specific patch of land with a few throws. Similar to gold where there are curves and variations of height in which skill and strength will come to play. In this style, the kloot is heavier as it’s made with lead. 
  • Street: Similar to the field version but the course and the ball are different. 
  • Standing: See how far the ball can travel in the air. 

Do It On The Water

Here in Giethoorn, you can experience Klootschieten with a twist. De Witte Hoeve offers Gieterse Klootschieten on the water. You will be on a boat with a group of four to six people and from the boat, you will throw a real anchor buoy or lifebuoy to the end of the course in a few throws as much as possible. 

It’s a great activity you can enjoy with your loved ones and friends. The package includes a drink on-the-go. 

Are you ready for a good game of Klootschieten? 

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