When visiting Giethoorn, it’s always important to know where the best restaurants are. Giethroom is one of the Netherlands’ tourism pride in the province in Overijssel and has been gaining much popularity worldwide. In the past, only the locals came in winter to have fun ice skating on frozen lakes and canals. Today, international tourists from Europe and China regularly come here in throngs. 

To get a taste of this quaint village, here is a list of some of the best Giethoorn restaurants.

  1. Café-Restaurant Smit

Located in the heart of Giethoorn, Café-Restaurant Smit is popular for its chicken salad with feta cheese, pulled chicken with coleslaw, bacon, and smoked salmon with cream cheese, amongst other delicious dishes.

As an additional service to its diners, Café-Restaurant Smit offers homely cottages for rent, including a holiday farm that can accommodate eight people. The place has spacious double bedrooms, a kitchen TV, two shower cabins, two toilets, a spacious terrace with a large lawn, and a gazebo in the garden behind the house.

  1. De Eetkamer van Giethoorn

De Eetkamer van Giethoorn or the “Dining Room” is situated on the water just outside De Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Guests enjoy fine dining on the terrace, particularly the creme brulee, French toast with caramelised apples, baked bacon with banana ice cream, Italian specialities, and lemon cheesecake with strawberry yogurt ice cream and cherries, amongst other delights.

  1. De Grachthof Restaurant Bootverhuur

Located in the centre of Giethoorn, De Grachthof Restaurant has a large lounge terrace that offers a lovely view of the village canals and its many bridges. 

Guests love the spicy Indonesian chicken, pulled pork, or smoked salmon, as well as the salads, burgers, sandwiches, and soups.

As additional service to its diners, De Grachthof Restaurant Bootverhuur offers cruises and guided tours.

  1. De Landije van Giethoorn

Considered by many as one of Giethoorn’s best kept secrets, De Landije van Giethoorn serves delicious pastry and fresh home-grown vegetables. It is near Giethoorn’s the Olde Maat Uus museum and De Oude Aarde museum.

Guests specifically enjoy dining under a lovely, old pear tree. It is a wonderful place to relax, in this enchanting village.

Those who have dined here particularly love Landije’s Gieters lamb, Vechtdal beef, locally caught fish, and skin-baked pike-perch fillet with fresh wild garlic mousse caught on the Beulake.

As an additional service to its diners, Landije offers whisper boats for rent.

  1. De Lindenhof

This is one of the most popular restaurants in the village. With a hotel and lodge, De Lindenhof serves dishes lovingly prepared by their two Michelin-starred chef Martin Kruithof. The restaurant has remained as one of the best restaurants in the country, thanks to Chef Martin.

Come to De Lindenhof to try its 4-course Lindenhof menu, 8-course Martin’s Soul & Bliss, and 12-course Chefs Parade, as well as the lobster, crab, salmon, eel, beef, and lamb, amongst other offerings and a wonderful wine list. Dessert is also lovely – cheese, ice cream, warm fruits, soufflé, chocolates, and more.

  1. Grand Café Fanfare

This is a cosy and modern restaurant that is known for its lunch choices, salads, ice cream, and coffee. It is located right in the centre of the village, surrounded by the beautiful farms, canals, bridges and nature. Guests enjoy dining, drinking and watching a Fanfare movie at the same time.

The most popular dishes are truffle fries with Parmesan cheese, fries Rendang (Indonesian), and cheese plate Fanfare, amongst others.

As additional service to its diners, the restaurant offers group packages and boat rentals to let tourists experience sailing in Giethoorn!

  1. Het Wapen van Giethoorn

Het Wapen van Giethoorn (“Coat of Arms of Giethoorn”) is a café-restaurant and a lovely shop at the same time. It’s boutique-style store sells souvenirs and the latest fashion in tops, pants, dresses, shirts, shoes, and bags. 

In addition to shopping and looking for souvenirs, people come to Het Wapen van Giethoorn for its coffees, delicious cakes, wines, and special beers. It is located behind one of Giethoorn’s lovely canals.  

  1. Restaurant & Rondvaartbedrijf Hollands Venetië Giethoorn

Nestled in the heart of De Weerribben-Wieden National Park, Restaurant & Rondvaartbedrijf Hollands Venetië Giethoorn is popular for its à la carte dishes, buffets and barbecues, as well as the pancake, salads, lunch, and the group specials, which include the Wok Pan Festival for 12 people, I-Shy Yaki for 10-20, and the Frying Pan Festival for 25.

As additional service to its diners, this restaurant offers packages for a bachelor party, family outing, and sightseeing on the waters of Giethoorn.

Giethoorn is a nature haven and food paradise at the same time. In addition to those listed above, there are other spots in this ancient town to enjoy a snack and drink at an affordable price. From a star restaurant to a tasty snack and from fish to pizza, you can enjoy all kinds of food in Giethoorn. Visit https://giethoorn.com/ to know more about this village without roads and all that it has to offer.


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