Giethoorn is located in the province of Overijssel, which is over 30 kilometers from Zwolle, the capital of the province. The popular village of Giethoorn is surrounded by beautiful towns and cities that are worth exploring as well. 



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 Best ways to get to Giethoorn

When you look at the map, you will see the village in the middle of the Weerribben-Widen National Park, which consists of two separate areas—the Weeriben and the Widen. Both areas are dominated by a body of water with 10,000 hectares of peat bog area. The bodies of water are surrounded by various plants and animal species interspersed with reed beds and hayland. 

This is why the village provides the best sailing trips. There are different. types of boats you can rent here that will let you explore the surroundings of the village on your own or with an expert skipper. 

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Beautiful Places Near Giethoorn

These are the tiny villages you can visit near Giethoorn:


A small town in the southwest of Steenwijk, it is a tourist destination as it’s near the De Weerribben-Wieden National Park. While you’re here, make sure to visit the Grote Kerk, which is one of the first churches built after the Reformation. Another attraction you shouldn’t miss when you’re in town in the Museum Het Gildenhuys where you can learn more about the history of Blokzijl


The village of Oldemarkt is full of activities you can enjoy. As it’s near Giethoorn, you might want to explore what the town has to offer. Check out the Escape Room de Slagen van Oldermarkt and solve the mystery behind The Butcher and the death of his family. Check out Living By Nature as well if you want to learn about Bushcraft and Survival. 


If you want to explore another village that is filled with waterways, then you shouldn’t miss Dwarsgracht. You can go on a cruise and take on the beautiful sights the village has to offer. 


Located in the Dutch province of Overijssel, which is near Giethoorn, there are a lot of things to explore here. You shouldn’t miss the Museum Hildo Krop in the village, and make sure to explore the cafes and restaurants in the area. Want to know more about Steenwijk? We have dozens of articles about it.



The village is called the City Of Palaces, where you can explore the ruins of castle Toutenburg. You should also check out the three churches in the village and a walk along the harbour. 


The Kalenberg is a small village located within the De Weerribben-Wieden National Park. It is the home port of the Jongschaap recreation and cruise company where you can explore the village and surrounding areas by boat.

Bigger Cities Near Giethoorn

Go big, and check out the larger cities surrounding Giethoorn: 

Visit The Capital City Of Zwolle

One of the areas you can explore that surround Giethoorn is the capital of Overjissel. While you’re here, you can visit the Gothic Church, the Grote Kerk, which is located at the old town centre of Zwolle. 

Check out the Sassenpoort Gatehouse, which is a national monument that shows the city’s old power and wealth. 

Cycle Your Way Around Ommen

Ommen is located west of Zwolle, which is one of the areas that surround Giethoorn you can explore as well. The district is mostly wooden and hilly, which makes it a perfect spot for cyclists. 

While you’re here, check out the Nationaal Tinnen Figurenmuseum, which is located at the heart of Ommen and is only a walking distance from the train station. This is a tin figure museum where you also get to learn the history of the surrounding area. 

See Castles In Diepenheim

If you want to visit magnificent Dutch castles, then you should definitely check out Diepenheim, which is surrounded by five castles. The five castles are the result of the rivalry that took place between bishops of Munster and Utrecht. While you’re here, make sure to visit Warmelo Castle, which is popular for its French gardens. 

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