Giethoorn is a typical Dutch village, and it is one of the most visited places in The Netherlands. That’s no surprise because it’s very picturesque that a lot of people confuse it for a museum! Here are some frequently asked questions you should know before visiting Giethoorn.

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Where is Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is located in the Kop van Overijssel in the Weerribben-Wieden area. It is ten minutes away from the city of Steenwijk, and 30 minutes from Zwolle, the capital city of the province Overijssel. 

Can you come to Giethoorn by car? 

Unbeknownst to many, the village is reachable by cars. However, you may need to park in certain areas because not all roads are passable by cars. Nonetheless, yes, you can come to the village in a car. 

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Is Giethoorn a museum? 

A lot of people mistake Giethoorn as a museum village because of the canals, the bridges, and the thatched farmhouses. They are so beautiful that they look like they’re built for people to look at. The truth is, NO, the village isn’t a museum and the farmhouses you pass by have real residents living in them. That’s why you have to be careful not to trespass on private properties while you’re here. 

Here you can find the museums you can visit in the village. 

Can I walk in the garden of a house?

No, you are not allowed to walk in the garden of a farm or house you pass by on a boat in the village. As mentioned, there are real people living in these houses. The best you can do is admire them from your boat. 

Can I come to Giethoorn to sail a boat? 

Boating is the primary mode of transportation here, so there’s no problem if you come to the village just to sail. However, there are other activities you can do in the village. 

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Is Giethoorn open all-day and all-night?

Just like a normal city in The Netherlands (and all the cities in the world), the village is open all day and all night. 

Is there an entrance fee? 

Once again, Giethoorn isn’t a museum, so you don’t need to pay a fee to get inside the village. What’s better is you can park for free almost anywhere, and some museums are also free to visit. 

Can I swim when I rent a boat? 

Yes, you can swim in the lakes when you rent a boat. So, don’t forget to bring swimwear with you when you go to Giethoorn. Even though you don’t have plans to swim, you will be tempted when you see the lakes. Make sure you bring sunscreen as well and some towels to keep you dry when you’re back on the boat. 

Can I hang on the boat when I’m in the water? 

You can hang onto the boat when you’re in the water. However, practice caution while you’re at it. And make sure not to hang onto it when the boat is sailing. 

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