Escape rooms in Giethoorn are an excellent way to bond with the people you love. If you haven’t had any experience inside an escape room and have no idea what it is, well, its name says it all.

In addition to hiking, cycling, sailing, and all the fun things you can do with nature, you and your family or friends can also decide to spend a memorable time together inside an escape room.

This is a group activity where everybody will be locked up in a closed room, and the idea is to escape before the time is up. You must escape as quickly as possible. Inside, you will get hints or cryptic clues. One by one, little by little, as you figure out the clues, you can move closer to getting the key to freedom!

Each room has a different story and different level of fright and panic. In other words, an escape room is a game where you get the feeling that you are in a real-life emergency situation. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle together.

Here are three of the best escape rooms in Giethoorn.



Escape Room Hacked!

The story: A group of hackers is about to launch the greatest identity fraud ever. Hiding in secret hideouts in various locations around the world, members of the group target the personal data of innocent civilians. They then use the hacked data to gain access to everything. They steal stuff online and make purchases without really paying anything. The bills pile up and more and more people are being duped.

Giethoorn is quickly gaining popularity amongst foreign tourists, and so it has become the hackers’ next target. They book holiday homes, dinners and boat trips, but using someone else’s name with the hacked data.

Photo by Adrià García Sarceda on Unsplash

Evidence has been found that there is a secret hacker location at Eetcafe and Holiday Park Giethoorn, but the exact location is currently still to be found. Your help is needed for this!

The park manager searches for people who have fallen victim to the fraud or who want to prevent it. Any help with the investigation will be appreciated. Will you help?

Your goal is to investigate the secrets behind this crime. Stop the hackers before it’s too late! The lives of millions of people rely on your group’s ability to escape.

Escape Room De Slager van Oldemarkt

This is a very immersive game that starts as soon as you enter the restaurant. After a special reception with your first order, you will be taken to the butcher’s workplace. It is here where you have to escape in 60 minutes before the Butcher returns and does his work… on you and your friends!

The story: The Butcher of Oldemarkt was a popular butcher’s shop in Oldemarkt and the surrounding area in the 1970s and 80s. In the early 90s, the butcher’s shop and the house above it burnt to the ground. The butcher’s family was killed and his beloved butcher’s shop was also lost.

Escape room: De Slager van Oldemarkt

Face the most diverse puzzles, challenges, and riddles in one of the mostpopular butcher’s shops in Oldemarkt in the 1970s and 80s.



Then, the local gossip started going around, and the butcher became the number one suspect for the crime. From that moment on, people in Oldemarkt and the surrounding area knew for sure that the butcher was, in fact, guilty!

However, there was no sufficient evidence as everything was burnt bad. In the end, they had no choice but to set the butcher free. Since then, the lowly butcher became an outcast. He is rarely seen on the streets, as he began to prowl in the dark in and around the forests of Oldemarkt. 

Soon, a striking number of people within the Oldemarkt community have reported that someone during the night was following them. In addition, there have recently been a number of unsolved disappearance cases in the formerly peaceful village. What’s going on in the Oldemarkt? Has the butcher picked up his knives again?

Start investigating but be sure to escape before 60 minutes or else you might just have a personal encounter with the old butcher of Oldemarkt.

 Prison Break Paasloo

This escape room is different from the rest as you race against each other to see who breaks out from the Paasloo prison first. Compete against each other in different teams to get free from the hands of the strict correctional officers. 

You are about to board a heavily secured prisoner transport in Paasloo in Overijssel, to one of the toughest and most violent prisons in the Netherlands. Escape now really seems impossible, or is there a chance to escape this fate?

Prison Break Paasloo

Board a heavily secured prisoner transport in Paasloo in Overijssel. We will take you to one of the toughest and most violent prisons in the Netherlands. Do you think such an escape seems possible?


Make your way to the bus and reach the getaway car through the forest before it’s too late. The driver of the getaway car is willing to lend you a hand, but only if you can tell him the password! 

Escape rooms in Giethoorn are perfect before you spend a quiet time sailing or canoeing over the lovely waters of this peaceful village. The games are so immersive and perfect for a friends’ outing, staff bonding, or a family time-together activity. Prepare to build your team, let your creative juices flow, or get a healthy dose of guts. Are you up for the challenge?


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