If you’re planning to visit the city soon, here’s a quick Nijmegen travel guide to help you have the best time. But before dive into our guide, here are thoughts to ponder.

When you ask where the oldest city in the Netherlands is, locals will point you to Nijmegen. The city was founded in the first century BC by the Roman army. Indeed, when you step foot in the city, you can find a lot of sites and landmarks around the city that screams history. 

Nijmegen Climate

Nijmegen’s weather is pretty much the same as every city and village here. Summer is comfortable yet typical Holland weather is partly cloudy, while winters are very cold. 

Photo by Richard Brunsveld on Unsplash

The Best Time to Visit Nijmegen

If you’re wondering when’s the best time to visit the city, late June to early September are the best months to go to experience more warm-weather activities. 

How Much Does a Trip to Nijmegen Costs

There are many considerations to take in when it comes to Nijmegen costs. You have your flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, and so on. 

Hotels in Nijmegen range from $40 to $220 per night, while most vacation rentals will cost $120 to $400 for the entire home per night. 

As for your daily expenses, this will depend on what you will do in the city. A standard nice meal may cost you at least $20 per person, but if you’re looking for something more luxurious, it can go up to $250 per person or more. 

There are private tours in the city that can cost you $500+ per day, but you can do a self-guided tour if you want to save up on more money. 

Getting to Nijmegen

There are various ways to get to the city of Nijmegen:

By Plane

You can get to the city via four airports: 

  • Airport Weeze: The airport is in Germany, but the closest Netherlands’ major city is Nijmegen. 
  • Eindhoven Airport: To get to Nijmegen from this airport, you need to take a bus to the Eindhoven Central Station and a train to Nijmegen. 
  • Fluhafen Düsseldorf: To get to Nijmegen from the airport, take a bus or train. 
  • Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport: Coming from the airport via train will make you no longer change trains because there are direct trains to and from Schiphol twice an hour on weekdays. 

By Train

The Dutch Railways serve the city, and there are four trains to Utrecht where you can change trains to Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam and The Hague. On the other hand Veolia Limburg als has four trains an hour to Nijmegen. 

By Bus

The city is connected to the German cities of Kleve and Emmerich and the buses here runs once per hour. 

Where to Stay in Nijmegen

There are various types of accommodations in the city. If you’re looking for an affordable hotel in the city, check out Hotel Nimma that starts at $174 per night. One of the most popular features in the hotel is its sun terrace where guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. 

Photo – Booking.com

For a more intimate stay in Nijmegen, check out Bed and Breakfast Pluweel, which starts at $240 per night. The bed and breakfast is located in the historical centre of the city. 

If you want to stay in a holiday home or apartment, check out Studio de Valk that is close to the Holland Casino in the city. 

The Best Things to To Do in Nijmegen

Since you’re in a European country, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the market square. Grote Markt in Nijmegen offers a lot of things to see—here you can see the Stevenskerk, along with other local restaurants, shops, and cafes. 

Relax at the Valkhof, one of the most important parks in the city. The park has played a significant role in the city’s culture and politics. Check out the beautiful chapel that stands on the park, and there are also outdoor performances throughout the year.

There are also many museums here, such as the National Liberation Museum. The museum is dedicated to World War II and the operations that took place. There are plenty of exhibits of the Canadian, Polish, British, and American troops here.

Are you ready to explore the beautiful city of Nijmegen? We’re hoping that this Nijmegen travel guide gave you all the things you need to know more about the city. If you wish to learn further, check out our contents here at Ask the Dutch Guy!



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