Indeed, visiting Giethoorn when the weather is pleasant is ideal, but have you tried visiting in winter? Experiencing winter in Giethoorn is a whole different story. 

Take a walk through the village while you listen to the crunch of snow on your feet as you take in the beautiful sights of the snowy thatched roofs of houses that make it looks like a village out of a children’s storybook. 

Get a hot cup of joe or tea at the cafes and have hearty soups at the restaurants that will fuel you up to enjoy a Giethoorn winter. 

Although the winters in the village can get really cold, windy, and mostly cloudy, it has a certain charm to it that is worth experiencing. 

The Average Weather In Giethoorn

The summers are comfortable in the village, while winters in Giethoorn can get really cold. Here, the temperature varies from 32 degrees F and is rarely below 19 degrees F. 

The Cool Season In Giethoorn

The average cool season in the village lasts for 3.7 months—from November to March, with an average daily high temperature below 47 degrees F. 

For the snowfall, it has been consistent within 0.1 inches of 0.1 inches throughout the winter. 

Here you can check out the activities that you can do in Giethoorn during the winter. 

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