Have an adventure in the middle of nature at Klimbos Avontuurlijk Paasloo. This is a climbing forest that features four different courses with 51 different obstacles. The four courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers. 

The Courses

Before you dive into the real courses, there will be a practice course first. If you are a beginner, it’s best to let the experienced ones go first so you can go at your own pace without holding off anybody behind you. 

Keep in mind that your ticket is valid for two hours only, but don’t worry; it’s possible to complete the courses within that time limit.

The courses involve a lot of climbing, crawling, and swinging. Here, you will definitely get a full-body workout. Additionally, it’s a great activity for the whole family and groups!

Watch out: The most challenging obstacles here are in the trees. 

Other Activities

There are other activities you can enjoy here if you don’t want to go through the obstacle courses or if you want to do more when you’re done with the obstacles:

  • Aqua Bubble: Here you will be inside a ball, similar to a zorb ball, above water. 
  • Archery Tag: A mix of dodgeball and archery. Participants will be given a mask and a bow to shoot the arrows. 
  • Archery: For those who want to learn archery, there are courses here. 
  • Bubble Football: Play a game of football, with a twist—instead of a regular-sized ball, you play with a huge ball that can knock you over!

Relax And Sleep

You can stay near Klimbos Paasloo as there are several campsites, villa parks, holiday parks, and hotels that you can find around the forest. 

Are you ready for an adventure in the middle of a forest? 


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