Aside from being known as The Venice of The North, there are pieces of information about Giethoorn that you need to know. We have compiled some fast facts that will perk your interest and make your stay even more worthwhile.

did you know these 7 facts about giethoorn

Fact #1: It’s Not A Museum Village

A lot of people think that Giethoorn is a museum village, but it’s not. The houses and gardens that you will pass by whether on boat or bike are owned by real residents. With that, you are not allowed to enter their property without their permission. 

Fact #2: You Can Enjoy A Picnic (Almost) Anywhere

Picnics are popular in the village because of the many great spots where you can set up a picnic. The good news is, there are a lot of spots, and it makes it possible to just set up a blanket almost anywhere in the village. However, just make sure you’re not setting up in private property; otherwise, you could end up in trouble. 

Fact #3: Giethoorn Has A Lot Of Garbage Bins

Before you throw garbage anywhere, or leave your trash in the moat, or the mailbox of the residents, don’t. Giethoorn has plenty of garbage bins where you can throw your trash in. 

Fact #4: Boating Is An Art

Since the main transportation in Giethoorn is by boat, you should know that operating it is an art. Albeit tourists can navigate it on their own, even if it’s their first time, they still have a lot to learn. One thing to remember: keep to the right to avoid collisions. 

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Fact #5: Giethoorn Doesn’t Have Many Lakes Before

Originally, the village is covered with peat, which is decayed vegetative matter. Back then, the settlers dug out the peat, mixed them in a vessel, and spread them out on the land adjacent to dry. However, this caused deep ditches, and over time, it’s led to the formation of lakes. So, no,  Giethoorn doesn’t look like this originally. The canals were made to connect the peat ditches. 

Fact #6: The Village Is Named After Goats

The first people in the village found huge amounts of goat horns, which they believed to be the first goats. In Dutch, goat is “geit,” so they named it Geytenhorn, but then later changed to Giethoorn. 

Fact #7: There Are Really Old Farmhouses Here

You can find fam houses as old as 200 years in the village. So, take pleasure in that but make sure to respect the privacy of the residents here. 

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